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Bethel Lutheran Church

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Bethel Lutheran Church is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) - a part of the worldwide Lutheran community of faith.

We believe:

  • That we are "saved sinners."  No matter how we choose to identify ourselves, this fact is true of all of us.
  • That God comes to us and saves us.  We cannot save ourselves, nor can we demand it.  God comes to us and lifts that burden of sin in love.  We call that love GRACE!
  • That as forgiven people we are called to share that message of God's love, that Good News, with others.  We are EVANGELICAL, which means that we PROCLAIM to the world the wonderful acts of God.
  • That we are born again...and again, and again and again!  How?  We believe that every day and in every act of serious return to God (REPENTANCE), we are "born again" and given a new chance at life, love, and serving others in God's name.
  • That we must WORSHIP.  Worship is an expression of our thankfulness to God.
  • That we should celebrate the LORD'S SUPPER(Holy Communion, Eucharist).  This is God's action for us.  In the simple act of eating and drinking the bread and wine, our Lord is truly present with his personal word of forgiveness.
  • That God speaks to us through SCRIPTURE.  That the Bible is the inspired Word of God, given to us that we might know more about our God and God's purpose for us.
  • That we are STEWARDS OF GOD'S CREATION.  We have been given dominion over the earth, but not ownership.  Therefore, our task is to care for that which has been entrusted to us.
  • That we are SERVANTS.  Our call is to make faith active in love.  Active faith responds to God by loving those whom God loves.  Therefore, we love our neighbors.  We bring hope and healing to a troubled world, in God's name.
  • That RELIGION is whatever means the most in your life. Your health, job, hobbies, status, family or possessions can become a "religion" and receive your highest loyalty.
  • There are lots of ways of trying to connect" religion" to our RELATIONSHIP with God. We try to be religious" by being good people, doing good things, following the rules, being generous and so on. In the life, death, and RESURRECTION of JESUS CHRIST, God has brought the end of our attempts to be "religious."
  • That by his life, teachings, death, and resurrection, Jesus not only shows us the fullness of what God intended for our creation as human beings, he brings us back into a relationship of wholeness with God, where our attempts at being "religious have failed. Jesus's doing this for usis called GOOD NEWS or GOSPEL - and it is what we are called to proclaim to the world.
  • Our response to this "Good News" is to live our lives in confident love, relecting to the workd that LOVE and FORGIVENESS that Jesus has shown to us.
  • That God is not finished with us yet!  We see our shortcomings and our weaknesses, but we live in hope.  God loves us, walks with us, and will do wonderful things in and through us.  Then, someday when our work is finished, God will welcome us into the KINGDOM forever



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Bethel Lutheran Church
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